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New Membership & Renewal Form

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60 Pine Avenue, Ulong NSW 2450 | Phone: (02) 6654 5211 | Email: | ABN: 53 001 003 032

To the Board of Ulong District Ex-Servicesmen & Women's Memorial Club Ltd.

Contact Details

Application for Membership

I hereby make application for the above named club

Membership Renewals

I wish to renew my membership for the above named club. 

I consent to the annual payment of $11.00

Desire to become a member of the Ulong & District Ex-Servicesmen and Women's Memorial Club Limited and request you to enter my name on the register of members accordingly and I agree to be bound by your Memorandum and Articles of Association and Rules and by Laws made there under.

Proposer and seconder must be members of the above named club of at least twelve months standing.

Proof of ID:

I consent to making payment of $11.00 for the annual membership fee.

*All new member applications will be help for a period of x weeks whereby existing members can dispute any applications by attendance at the next board meeting. Disputes must be legitimate and evidence for application denial provided.

Thank you for your membership form. We will contact you soon.

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